Technical Assistance

A collaborative, relationship-based model of education, assistance and support 

Our Technical Assistance is designed to:

⇒  Identify, teach, or design evidence-based strategies to address challenges,      needs or goals in specific focus areas

  Adopt or adapt knowledge to practice

Teach implementation strategies customized to meet the needs of clients


We offer Technical Assistance in the following areas: 



Substance Use Disorder


Chronic Pain Program and Infrastructure


Opioid Use Disorder


Quality Improvement Skills and Methods


Medicated Assisted Treatment


HIV Program Implementation

Telehealth Implementation Support

School-Based Health SubCenter Program Support


LBGT Program Support


Integrated Behavioral Health Program Support


 Along with with programs above, our training can include the following:

  • Assistance with development of program or initiative goals, purpose, mission and vision

  • Conducting gap analysis, needs assessments, and assessments organization capacity

  • Developing measurements and evaluation plan

  • Teaching skills and strategies to establish buy-in

  • Identifying and designating champions of the Primary Care team in order to ensure success and buy-in of the program

  • Assistance in determining strategic objectives and creating an outline and implementation plan

  • Sharing and teaching tools and strategies for budgeting and resource allocation

  • Teaching quality management techniques and assist team to create the quality management plan

  • Monthly practice transformation coaching calls


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