Addiction 101 Webinar Series 


If you were not able to attend our four live Addiction 101 sessions, all are recorded and available to purchase.

Once you purchase a video, it is yours to use within your organization. There is no expiration date

***At this time, CME credits are only available during live viewings***



  • $300 for each Learning Academy recorded webinar: pick from Session 1, Session 2, Session 3, or Session 4
  • $750 for all four Addiction 101 recorded webinars
  • BUNDLE DISCOUNT: $1,200 for all three Learning Academy videos and all four Addiction 101 Curriculum videos (with an extra $200 discount for Weitzman ECHO participants.)
Addiction 101, Session 1: The Disease Model of Addiction


  • Understand the basic neurology and disease process
  • Understand why people use drugs
  • Diagnostic criteria for the disease of addiction
  • How viewing addiction as a disease encourages change in treatment
  • Medicated Assisted Treatment Overview
  • The patient’s understanding of the disease model
Addiction 101, Session 2: Trauma Informed Care and Addiction


  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
  • The Science of trauma and health
  • Trauma and substance use – what “self-medication” really means
  • Trauma Informed Care in Primary Care, in Behavioral Health, and in Administration¬†
    Addiction 101, Session 3: Challenging Behaviors of Substance Use Disorders


    • Cross disciplinary training challenges
    • “Why did this patient _______?”
    • Dealing with deception in addiction
    • How outrage changes a patient’s experience
    • Splitting
    • Professional Boundaries


    Addiction 101, Session 4: Motivational Interviewing & Strategies for Treating Addiction


    • How do people change?
    • What is Motivational Interviewing?
    • The basics: ACE, OARS & FRAMES


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