Integrated Behavioral Health

Integrated Behavioral Health is an important component of health centers around the country in order to provide true comprehensive, patient-centered care. The challenge is understanding the complexities of implementing this model and incorporating a multi-disciplinary approach into an already established process and mindset of patient care.



Community Health Center, Inc. has over 20 years of experience of engaging leaders and staff to implement an integrated model of care into a health center. This webinar series will take a deep dive into the detail of how to integrate behavioral health into an FQHC and demonstrate through examples the initial ideas that were tested, methods and strategies used, challenges encountered and innovation that came from those experiences.

Live Webinar Series: Tools & Strategies for Implementing an Integrated Behavioral Health model in an FQHC

This webinar series will deliver best practices on implementing a model of integrated behavioral health in an FQHC setting.


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