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How is the Weitzman Learning Academy different from Weitzman ECHO or the National Cooperative Agreement (NCA)?

The Community Health Center, Inc. was awarded a National Cooperative Agreement (NCA) grant to offer free training and technical assistance to health centers and PCAs on team-based care and training health professionals, all under the heading of clinical workforce development. The NCA offers an 8-month team-based care learning collaborative specifically for health centers that want to implement or improve the model. The NCA also includes many free resources available for Advancing Team-Based Care and Implementing Post-Graduate Residency Training Programs.

Weitzman ECHO clinics are cloud-based video conferencing sessions specifically designed to meet the needs of primary care providers and their communities. These scheduled sessions are for providers across the country in many subjects with sessions happening over an extended  period of time. Each session is geared towards educating providers and the clinical team featuring specific themed didactic that is presented at the beginning of each session followed by case presentations.

The Learning Academy is customizable and tailored to a health center’s needs, diving deeper into the “what” and the “how” of a specific topic. We provide multiple channels for education including:

  • Synchronous Webinars on varying topics.  Attending a live webinar gives you have the chance to ask questions from our experts. If you cannot make a live session, the webinars are recorded and will be sent to the registered individual, who can then share within the organization at no extra cost. These webinars do not expire.
  • Asynchronous webinars – previously recorded webinars are available for purchase and use at any time for your organization. 
  • On-site technical assistance where we provide in-depth trainings and summits where we either come to your organization or invite you and appropriate staff to Community Health Center, Inc. for in-depth strategic planning and implementation work in specialized areas.  Typically, we host two day on-site visits, with coaching calls in-between our in-person trainings. This would include our expert team to work with your organization and develop a training model to meet your specific needs.

Many organizations we work with are grant-obligated to start, improve, or sustain their programs. The Weitzman Learning Academy is familiar with many of these grants and can work with your organization, or specific health centers, to develop and sustain your programs. Through this partnership, you have the opportunity to gain access to our webinars and resources, along with a yearlong subscription to Weitzman ECHO.

How is Community Health Center, Inc. and The Weitzman Institute connected?

The Weitzman Institute (WI) is a national organization and the research, education and innovation arm of Community Health Center, Inc., the largest Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in the state of Connecticut. This connection is the core of our understanding and expertise in primary care innovations and all of our products and services are based on our own experiences.

What is the process for connecting with the Weitzman Learning Academy?

This process is customizable, but we do follow a general process:

Contact Us

Reach out via our website or [email protected] to schedule a consultation call we can learn more about your organization’s needs.

Complete the Weitzman Learning Questionnaire

Once you contact us, we will send you a brief questionnaire to get to know you, your organization, and your goals prior to our consultation call.

Review Summary and Proposal

After our call, we will send you a proposal that outlines the services we can provide that are tailored to your stated priorities. Once we have agreed to a proposal, we will send a contract to be signed.


Let’s Get to Work!

After the contract is signed, we will meet with your leadership team to prepare and plan a timeline to meet your program calls, including meetings, site visits, and coaching.

What is generally included in an on-site technical assistance visit?

We recognize that each organization has different needs and challenges, therefore timing and depth of content within a site visit will vary, but will primarily consist of a process and program assessment, gap analysis, partnership building, strategic planning, workforce development, implementation planning, quality improvement tools, and sustainability planning.

What does the pricing structure look like?

Our webinars range in price, visit the specific webinar pages to view our pricing options. There are discounts for purchasing in bulk!

Contact us to learn more about cost of our technical assistance packages 

What kinds of organizations do you work with?

We frequently work with other Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), rural community health centers and Primary Care Associations (PCAs). We have also worked with county health departments and state and regional health systems.  

What is your expertise in team-based care? What kind of training do you offer?

CHC uses an Integrated Model of Care, which means that we bring medical, dental, and behavioral health care together under one roof. All areas of a patient’s health impacts each other. When all providers sit next to each other, they are better able to manage patient care.

In addition to the three core clinical teams of medical, dental, and behavioral health, many of CHC’s sites offer other services that are key to keeping patients healthy. These include nutrition counseling, prenatal and women’s health services, diabetes education, help to quit smoking, podiatry, chiropractic services, case management, and more.

CHC developed the Center for Key Populations (CKP) that includes specialists in helping with managing addiction and features leading experts in the implementation of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), and integrates behavioral health care into addiction treatment to be sure all patient needs are cared for.

Weitzman Learning Academy MAT #2 Webinar offers insight into the team-based care model for  MAT programs.  All Weitzman Learning Academy webinars and trainings include the team based care perspective.

To get started, view the NCA’s free webinars on advancing team-based care. The Learning Academy can then help with the ‘how’ of implementing team-based care.

What is your expertise in Medicated Assisted Treatment (MAT) and Substance Use Disorder (SUD)? What kind of training do you offer?

CHC started offering Medicated Assisted Treatment 13 years ago through its Center for Key Populations (CKP). This is now a robust program at the health center built on years of experience.

The Weitzman Learning Academy features synchronous and asynchronous webinars both for health care administration, and for clinical providers and staff for you to purchase if you are not interested in on-site training.

The Weitzman Leaning Academy MAT webinars focus on how to implement a MAT program in a health center, incorporating the team-based care model, workflow analysis and implementation strategies.  These are recorded webinars and can be completed at your own pace. Each webinar is a per-organization purchase and can be shared among all staff and do not expire.

The Weitzman Learning Academy Addiction 101 series is geared for clinical providers and clinical teams focusing on the “how to” of treating patients struggling with addiction. 

If your organization is seeking a more personalized training and implementation strategy session for providing MAT services, the Weitzman Learning Academy can customize an on-site training event that meets your needs. We provide technical support, ongoing training and sustainability planning after providers receive the X waiver.  This can be a one-time collaborative or ongoing based on needs.

Additionally, we can provide mentorship and training with Weitzman ECHO.

What other types of training and education do you provide?

We are currently working on more hot-topics to bring to you, check back often to see our new learning opportuniteis!

Our on-site assistance can range from quality improvement initiatives, to specific MAT programming. We will be offering technical assistance for other topics and programs coming soon!

Do you provide X waivered courses?

No. Only governing organizations can provide X waivered courses, such as:  AAP, ASAM, SAMSHA. Visit SAMSHA’s website for more information.

We have already started our MAT program and need help gaining momentum and scale. Can you help us?

Yes! We can focus our training on how to support providers and helping them feel confident to take on more patients in this area. This sometimes requires an organizational culture change, and our program offerings can guide you through these steps so your team will have structure and a process to follow as well as feel comfortable seeing patients who may be dual-diagnosed, or on MAT. We can also provide training, education and guidance  on running groups, and  harm-reduction.  

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